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Construction work

Crafting Dreams into Reality: TKS Construction’s Expertise in Transforming Spaces with Unrivalled Construction Excellence
We’re experts at building sturdy and practical structures, from the very start to the finishing touches. Whether it’s a new house, a commercial building, or a renovation, we handle it with great precision and care.
  • Residential Building works
  • commercial Building works
  • Industrial Building works
  • Road & Drainage works
  • Bridge & culvert works
  • Compound wall work
  • Waterproofing works

Interior work

Elevating Interiors, Our Artistry in Crafting Inspiring Spaces with Impeccable Interior Workmanship.
Our team of interior designers transforms spaces into works of art. We focus on every little detail, making sure your interior spaces are not just attractive but also useful and warm and comfortable.
  • wardrobe cupboard works
  • Modular kitchen works
  • Polygranite wall panelling works
  • WPC wall panelling works
  • Wooden Flooring works
  • Wall paper works
  • Glass Door & Partion works
  • Aluminium Door & Partion works
  • Gypsum Partion works
  • Texture Painting works
  • Gypsum false ceiling works
  • Grid false ceiling works
  • PVC false ceiling works
  • WPC false ceiling works

Exterior works

Transforming Spaces, Our Exterior Expertise Creates Stunning Architectural Marvels That Captivate and Inspire .
Elevate your property’s allure with TKS Construction’s unparalleled exterior work. Our skilled artisans blend innovation and craftsmanship to fashion outdoor spaces that beckon and inspire. From resplendent landscaping to contemporary façade transformations, we specialise in curating environments of enduring beauty. With a keen eye for detail, we harmonise architectural integrity with outdoor splendour. Trust TKS Construction to reimagine your exterior, creating a captivating ambiance that mirrors your distinct style and enhances your property’s curb appeal.
  • Stone coated Roofing sheet works
  • ACP sheet pannel works
  • G.I Roofing sheet works
  • WPC wall panelling works
  • HDMR Gypsum plaster works
  • Painting works

Document works

Precise Documentation, Our Meticulous Approach to Document Work Ensures Seamless Project Execution and Client Satisfaction.
At TKS Construction, our commitment extends beyond the physical realm of building. Our impeccable document work sets the foundation for flawless project execution. With a meticulous approach, we manage and organise every detail — from permits to plans — ensuring regulatory compliance and efficient workflows. Our dedicated team’s proficiency in documentation minimises delays, maximises transparency, and cultivates client trust. Count on TKS Construction to not only construct structures but also to construct a seamless and successful journey from vision to reality through comprehensive document work.
  • 2D vasthu Floor plan works
  • 3D Elevation Design works
  • Building Approval plan works
  • Structural Design works
  • Estimation works
  • Building valuation & Completion works
  • Consultancy & site Marking works
  • Housing loan works

Looking For Exclusive Construction Service?

Seeking unparalleled construction solutions? TKS Construction offers an exclusive blend of innovation, expertise, and dedication, transforming your vision into reality with unmatched precision and excellence.